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Why Need free logo design software?

There is no graphic designer who does not feel the need for new feature rich logo design software. Because, all graphic designers know that creating a creative logo is not an easy task. This requires software that will help make the design easier and more creative.

To create a creative logo, a designer needs to have a good idea of ​​the core mission of the company or client. At the same time, you need to know in detail about the brand identity of the company, especially what the company wants to do. Then all this information has to be visualized through the logo. However, it will become a high professional logo.

A lot of research is needed to design a professional logo. Some people may know how to design a professional logo. But there are many designers who can design many other things beautifully but are very weak in creative logo design. They need a lot of research as well as a lot of interaction, they need good quality software.

Here I am going to discuss some of the software that will be a great help in logo design for anyone. All the software is free and most of them are available for download in low resolution.

Again, there are some software that do not need to be downloaded. You can use them online and get many more free resources to create creative logos, including pre-templates and color palettes. However, there may be some software that offers a premium for the vector version.

Let’s find out about the software-

  1. Quick Logo Designer.

  2. Logo Design Software AAA Logo.

  3. EximiousSoft Logo Designer.

  4. HatchFul Logo Design Software.

  5. Designhill Logo Maker.


1.Quick Logo Designer:-

You will find all the help you need to design a unique logo in Quick Logo Designer software. This software has about 2200 ready-made logo templates from which you can use as you wish. There are also 4500 vector symbols that you can browse by category. There are more than 300 fonts that you can customize.

You can use the built-in effect in each logo. For example, there are all the options including gradient, shadow, frame, babel, blur, outline. Also, there are many more special effects including gray-scale, sharpen, pixelate, invert, metallic and water.

After creating the logo in Quick Logo Designer software, you can output it in 6 formats including JPEG, BMP, EPS. Also, you can create a transparent logo in PNG format. There is also a motion graphics style GIF format facility. You can download your logo, print it and send it to someone by mail.

2.Logo Design Software AAA Logo:-

You can download the AAA Logo software without any hassle of registration, even without giving any personal information. As much as it will help you create a creative logo in less time, it will also help you to output it in a professional way.

AAA Logo Design Software with about 500 logo templates and 10 thousand free icons that is not just for creating logos. Rather, it allows you to design any kind of professional and non-professional graphics. You can even do all the design you need for the website, including banners, buttons and headers.

This software is also very popular for creating any kind of business graphics. As like business cards, business banners, posters, letterheads, etc. Logo Design Software The biggest advantage of AAA Logo is that you can merge it with other free graphics design software and take the output of your design with a combination of the two.

3.EximiousSoft Logo Designer:-

EximiousSoft Logo Designer software is designed to help you with about 540 high quality ready-made logo templates. There are more than 5 thousand vector graphics files. There are also countless signs and symbols that will make your logo design simple and attractive.

You can easily use, modify and output any resource including templates, signs and symbols. And there are many features and vector drawing tools to make the design simple and modern.

At the end of the design you will be able to export and import your logo in almost all formats and no quality will be lost.

4.HatchFul Logo Design Software:-

It is one of the most popular and easy to use logo maker software created by Shopify. HatchFul Logo Design Software has a lot of features and resources for creating any kind of business logo. All you have to do is select the type of logo you want to design from the drop down and choose the template according to your type.

Whenever you get a template you like, you can modify it. You can change the design, change the font, adjust the palette, icons and layout. Finally, you can download in the format of your choice.

5.Designhill Logo Maker:-

Designhill Logo Maker is a great software for creating creative, business related perfect logos for any company. It will help you with all kinds of basic tools and features of logo design. You will also find the necessary templates, color schemes, symbols, icons and more.


Hope you enjoyed the above 5 free logo design software. From here you can try all of those and whatever you like you can use it all the time.

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