samsung galaxy a30

Galaxy A30: The same goes for mid range action phones

Galaxy A30 The smartphone market in the country is becoming fiercely competitive day by day. Especially in the case of medium budget, it is the most now. Popular brands are trying to occupy the market with handsets of advanced configuration at relatively low prices. In order to maintain its position in that competition, Samsung has […]

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The low priced Realme C11 came with interesting features

Although it is very difficult to get a good phone in the country’s market within 10 thousand rupees, but due to the competition of smartphone brands, this price segment is well established. In its continuation, Realmy brought their entry level smartphone, Realmy C11 to the country’s market. Realme C11 Review Realmi C11 Display :- Display […]

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OnePlus Nord

The mid-budget phone OnePlus Nord is coming with dual selfie camera and 5G

This is the first time since 2015 that OnePlus has firmly entered the mid-range price on smartphone market. Lets Talk about the this smartphone. Oneplus nord price at 379 euros or $480. But even at this price, the OnePlus Nord phone carries many of the key features of OnePlus 7. T he phone has 1080 […]

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