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What is an IP address? How to know the IP address of PC and phone?

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An important factor in using the Internet is the IP and each device connected to the Internet has a specific IP address. Many of us may not know the details about IP or IP address.

IP address is basically the identity, name or address of a computer or smartphone. At the moment your smartphone or desktop also has an IP address.

So, let’s find out without delay, what is IP address and how to easily know the IP address of your computer and mobile.

What is IP?

IP is an acronym for two words, the full form of which is Internet Protocol. By protocol we mean rules of conduct. Your smart device needs to adhere to a standard to navigate the world of the Internet. IP is basically computer networking software that connects you to the Internet by following certain rules and regulations.

What is an IP address?

IP means Internet Protocol, so IP address means naturally understood as Internet Protocol address which is a fixed number or numeric replica. It can be used to separate numerous computers from one another. Usually IP addresses receive and send information using Internet Protocol.

Suppose your friend sent you a gift. You need to know your area, street or house number i.e. your address to deliver the gift to your home by courier. Similarly, in case of networking, the IP address is the address of your computer. Your friend’s email needs the IP address to reach your computer.

To put it more simply, when a person is alone, he does not need a name or an identity. Because, he doesn’t have to introduce himself to anyone, he doesn’t have any transaction with anyone. But when a lot of people are together, everyone needs a name to know them differently. There is no chance of the thing being sent to one passing to another.

Similarly, when a computer is not connected to another computer, it does not need an IP address. But when a computer connects to other computers to exchange information over the Internet, it needs a different identity. That is, the IP address is needed so that other computers can recognize it and understand which information is for whom, which information is to be sent to whom.

This is the IP address of the computer like the human name with which the computer can be identified separately. However, human names begin with a simple letter, but computer names or IPs begin with numbers. And this number is completely unique. That is, you will not find two computers with the same number, that is, the same IP address. Multiple people with the same name can be found, but it is impossible to find two computers with the same IP address.

Wherever there are computers in the world, if they are connected to the Internet, then of course every computer has a name or IP address. However, sometimes we have to hide IP for different needs. This requires the use of VPN software. So, learn about 5 free VPN software to work with IP Hide.

What does the IP address look like?

To see the IP address is exactly a set of numbers where you will see four sets of numbers. And each set has one or more numbers. Each set is separated by a dot (.) Sign. In most cases 1 to 3 digit numbers are found. Here are some examples of IP addresses:

Details about the IP address

When experts first considered the introduction of IP addresses, the use of the Internet was limited. So, the first version of IP address starts with 32 bit. The second edition was launched in 1995 as the number of Internet users continued to grow. Where 128 bits have been used.


So far there are two versions of IP addresses, the first is 32-bit (IPv4) and the second is 128-bit (IPv6).

IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) Address

IPv4 is capable of creating 32 bit or 2 ২ 32 or 4,294,96,296 unique addresses. In this system 32 bits are divided into 4 octets. Separated by each octet dot (.). The first octet (8 bits) of the IP address indicates the network ID and the next three octets (24 bits) indicate the host ID.
For example,

IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) Address

IPv6 is capable of creating 126 bit i.e. 2 ^ 128 or 3.4 * 10 ^ 36 unique IP addresses. Here 128 bits are divided into 8 octets and the addresses are expressed in hexadecimal numbers. Each octet in an IPv6 system is divided by a colon (:).

For example, 2001: cdba: 0000: 0000: 0000: 0000: 3257: 9647

In this case, if an octet is zero, then that group can be implied by inserting a colon to reduce the space.

E.g., 2001: cdba :: 3257: 9647

How many types and what are the IP addresses?

There are two main types of IP addresses. E.g.

Private IP address
Public IP address

There are two types of public IP addresses. E.g.

Dynamic IP address
Static IP address

In the case of websites, there are two types of IP addresses. E.g.

Shared IP address
Dedicated IP address

There are two types of IP address versions. E.g.


What’s the difference between an IP address and a domain name?

We already know that IP address is basically the name of the computer which is determined by the number and this number is basically in the form of sequence. But this sequence of numbers is quite difficult for people to remember. So, the idea of ​​turning numbers into alphabets came from the DNS or Domain Name System.

So, understand that the domain name is actually nothing more than a textual version of the IP address. This is a number that points to a website. Basically, IP address and domain name are the same thing. For example, the domain name of the website you are reading this article is https://hoicoibangla.com. But if it had to be visited with an IP address, the name might be like this – which would not be easy to remember.

How to know the IP address of your computer and mobile?

So far we have learned the importance of IP address in networking and its beginnings. Now let us know how to easily find out the IP address of your used mobile and computer. At present, IP addresses can be found with the help of various IP address checkers.

By connecting your device to the internet, you can see the IP address of your computer and mobile with one click. Notice the interface by entering any of the following links. In both IPv4 and IPv6 versions you will also see the IP location along with the IP address.

You can also click on Show Complete IP Details to see the details including Hostname, ASN, ISP.

You know everything about IP addresses, types of IP addresses, differences with domain names. At the same time, he found an easy way to find out the IP address of his computer and smartphone.

Hopefully, this article about IP address has been helpful to you. So, share the article and let your friends know the details about the IP address.

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